card1.jpgOn this website, you will find everything which I consider creative. Also, at the same time, I expect to transit from a crafts-person to an artist. It will be thrilling to know, how and when the transition happens. Check the website every Christmas. Also, I, sincerely apologize for the grammatical errors, on the site. It’s a draft as of now. I launched this site before it was “perfect”, but perfection requires feedback and time. I am running low on both.  

As a 90’s kid, I had a family that always encouraged participation in extracurricular activities. My mother paints beautiful and bigger paintings than I do. When I was 8, I was appreciated to paint and draw better than brothers and sisters, that made me feel like a special person. Since then, I always wanted to enhance my art skills. I have inherited the sense of color and 3D-perception from my mother. I never had a proper art education but learnt the skills spread over school curricular classes and in summer classes. I have learnt and developed a lot of native art and craft techniques from India as well as in the Netherlands. Putting my paintings on social media, gave me a lot of encouragement and appreciation from friends and family, which has splendidly boosted my confidence, and here I am putting up this website, to showcase my art to a larger audience. My journey involves being able to use all art mediums present in the world (exaggeration). But the most primary one is to understand art (especially modern art).

This website is more about picture than content at the moment.

Cooking and growing plants, is a form of art to me. So, anything that comes close to my definition of creativity, is up on the website. I am not a full time artist, but have this website as a permanent tab on laptop. The lovely satisfaction I get while working to thrive this website!

A person’s work represent her personality, her thoughts and her soul.

I like being gifted exotic, expensive painting/coloring materials… hehe  😀